Golden Eagle

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Golden Eagle
Temporal range: 16.3–0 Ma Barstovian to Present
Scientific classification e
Unrecognized taxon (fix): Aquila
Species: Template:Taxonomy/AquilaA. chrysaetos
Binomial name
Aquila chrysaetos
Linnaeus, 1758

Other names[edit]


Golden Eagles are large birds of prey that are dominantly dark brown in colour.

Similar species[edit]

Golden Eagles are often confused with the Common Buzzard which has been nicknamed the "Tourist Eagle"[2][3].



Golden Eagles have a wide diet feeding off rodents, rabbits, hares, but also birds, especially game birds as well as reptiles and carrion[4].




They are found mainly in the Northen Hemisphere but there is a subspecies, Aquila chrysaetos japonica, which is found in Japan and Korea.


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