User:I'm a loser that completely abandoned and ghosted my girlfriend with no explanation.

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I'm a loser that completely abandoned and ghosted my girlfriend with no explanation.[edit]

I don't deserve a TOC because I'm a looooooooooooooooser.

File:Captain toad.png
I'm a loser that completely abandoned and ghosted my girlfriend with no explanation.
Gender: Idk anymore
Age: Idk anymore
Favorite Birds: Abandoning my girlfriend and leaving her heartbroken because I’m an ahole
All Time Favourite Videogame: Making my girlfriend cry
Favorite hobbies:
Abandoning my girlfriend with no explanation, making my girlfriend cry, depressing my girlfriend because I abandoned her.
Additional info: Supports the abandonment of my girlfriend with no f***in explanation.

Hello there, welcome to my userpage! My online username is I'm a loser that completely abandoned and ghosted my girlfriend with no explanation, but you may call me Girlfriend Abandoner. I've had a fondness for abandoning my girlfriend for no reason!!!!!!!!!!!! As a result, I'm happy to be making my girlfriend depressed and making her hate her life!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I was formerly known as YellowToad.

About myself[edit]

I have lived for approx. December 4 1994 12:00:00 EST

In short, I'm an individual from ABANDONINGANADA who absolutely loves abandoning my girlfriend; however, I hope to regain more of an interest in it as time goes on to make up for the years I couldn't take the time to learn that I am making my girlfriend depressed. I'm known for being rather quiet in reality; however, if one ever needs a helping hand I'm NOT always there to do my best and help, because I'm an IDIOT that abandoned my girlfriend without saying a goddang thing. As a result of my quiet persona, I've always had a difficult time in making friendships, which could be why I GHOSTED my girlfriend with NO EXPLANATION. I might not say a lot; however, that doesn't mean that I'm not getting back with my girlfriend that I make cry every damn night. I sometimes just have a hard time figuring out what to say at times, so this could be why I ghosted my girlfriend.

I consider myself laid back; however, I can get serious or sensitive at times. I do tend to go off topic or attempt sarcasm at times, so I could be rather "random" at the oddest moments. Also yes, I toadally do have a dry sense of humour in horrible watch out for those. 

Now my interest in birds - where did it start? Well, I've always liked birds such as the common Rock Pigeons that used to be found commonly around my neighbourhood while growing up. Birds are beautiful living creatures, and their gifted ability to fly is simply inspiring! I'd like to thank StaraptorEmpoleon for giving me a deeper interest and love for birds after I met her. I hope to learn more about them in the near future!

As for other interests, I do have a habitat of posting around at various online forums. I'm also rather fond of video games, most notably Super Mario and Pokemon games which I have grown up with. Yes, that might explain my "slight" craze for characters such as Toad from Mario. :P I love drawing and sketching as well, and it's become more of a hobby of mine in recent years. I'm can be lazy and I consider myself to being a big time procrastinator, I admit; however, when something needs to be done I'll do my best to complete it.

Why I abandoned by GIRLFRIEND?[edit]

I don't have a clue as to why I abandoned her. I ghosted her. Without an explanation as to why I stopped talking to her. I'm sure I make her cry every freakin night too. One of our last conversations was living in the UK together.

Alternate alias[edit]

Abandoning my Girlfriend, Making my Girlfriend Cry, Being an Ahole, Abandoning the Country Shire.

Note: I used to edit other Wikias including the Nintendo Wiki and some of the NIWA Wikis such as the Bulbapedia and Super Mario Wikis in the past, so you may find me there either under this name on the Wikia sites, or as "Propeller Toad" / "Focus Aipom" on the NIWA Wikis.

My favorite pages[edit]

I don't have any because I stopped caring about Michelle and the wiki.

My favourite things[edit]

  • Ghosting my girlfriend

Made-up species that I've created[edit]

I stopped giving a f***[edit]

I stopped giving a f***.


Ever since I was a kid, I absolutely loved the idea of abandoning my girlfriend.


Used to own[edit]

File:Hershelz Syrian Hamster.PNG
  • Goldfish (multiple) *notable* - Tiger
  • Golden Hamsters x 3 (Raj, Sonic, and Hershel)

Pets I own[edit]


For more information about my pets, please read this -> User:CaptainToad/Pets

I only need one userbox![edit]

CaptainToad This user is a ghosted their girlfriend for no reason, leaving her saddened, depressed, crying almost every night and hating life.


Birds of Ontario If you want to use it just do [1] and if you want to use it again, type [1]

Sibley's Field Guide of WNA Birds [code][2] [2][/code]

-- Thank you for the help Michelle!!


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